Fusion Subwoofers

Fusion Subwoofers

are amongst the few car audio products that high street shoppers recognize as being reputable. The main reason for this is the incredible way that Fusion attacked the UK market with their strange marketing campaign. The thing is with marketing, it doesn’t matter how strange or outrageous your campaign is, it simply has to be memorable!


Fusion came onto the scene with a huge bang by throwing in 30,000 free blow up green aliens in the Christmas edition of the Fast Car magazine back in 1998. This worked so well that within weeks everybody who was anybody in the modified car scene had one blown up on their backseat wherever they went. Fusion were obviously delighted so decided to offer 30,000 more free blow up aliens, this time to the Max Power magazine. Fusion Subwoofers were really about to gain the reputation that got them where they are today.


Before long, orders were flying in for Fusion as they grew larger by the week. Within one year, they had a dealer in every city in the UK. Things couldn’t have worked out better for them.


Now that Fusion had the attention of its customer base, it was time to redevelop the products and ranges to improve on price and quality. They introduced even more Fusion Subwoofers in the form of bass packs and active amplified Fusion subwoofers. They called this the “Encounter” range.


About this time, Halford’s wanted to get involved. They realized the potential of the brand and decided to get on board. This provided customers the opportunity to get hold of Fusion Subwoofers easier than ever before. A few years later the internet shopping craze arrived, pioneered by Car Audio Plus (being one of the very first car audio retailers). This made it even easier still for customers to purchase Fusion products.


In the last few years Fusion went into a black hole and were largely unnoticed but now they are back and bigger than before. Car Audio Plus again is the place to go and the prices of the Fusion Subwoofers are outstanding.


The ranges have changed and holding up the entire range of products is the new and improved Encounter range, this is the budget range for people who simply want a little bit more bass for their car. Next is the middle of the range “Reactor” range. This provides a large power increase over the Encounter range but is slightly more expensive. Top of the list is the “Powerplant” range, these Fusion Subwoofers really are something to be in awe of. The Powerplant subs are extremely powerful and handle the power very well. Prices obviously increase over the Reactor range but the performance increase completely outweighs the price increase. These Powerplant subwoofers look like they have made their name for themselves already and their reputation is growing fast.


Fusion plan on another large marketing campaign within Fastcar and Max Power once again so you might see some blow up aliens back where they belong, on the back seat of modified cars! This time they might even be glow in the dark!


December 3rd, 2009
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In Phase develop 5700w RMS Mono Amplifier

News has arrived here at Audio Assault that In Phase have finished working on a new CRAZY amplifier . This beast really is not for the faint hearted, if you need big power stable at 1 and 2 ohm then you need In Phase Power Drive……..

In Phase are proud to announce the launch of the Limited Edition POWER DRIVE 5000. In Phase have spent years researching and developing the ultimate solution for power and performance.

Introducing to the world “The In Phase Power Drive 5000″

Producing an awesome true 5700w RMS @1Ω with the ability to STACK IT. Yes STACK IT feature will allow you to use 2 In Phase Power Drive 5000 to generate power outputs in excess of 10kw!!!!!!

This amplifier is not for novice installation and MUST be installed by an extremely experienced installer, always read the manual.

With its uncomplicated design the Power Drive measures 700mm in length 300mm width this amplifier can draw up to 500 amps of real current we recommend as a minimum that you have 700 amps of power supply with a capable charging system. This is a serious amplifier and needs serious power supply including batteries and a large alternator.

Using the latest developments in Class D technology the microprocessor ensures maximum performance in any installation, measuring and adjusting itself as the music plays. Features on this amplifier are nothing less than you would expect from In Phase.

Each In Phase Power Drive 5000 is provided with its own Birth Certificate sharing its true tested RMS power rating, so you can be guaranteed that your amplifier will deliver the true power stated.

August 11th, 2009
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SNG Audio Review

After alot of hype and coverage about the SNG Audio JT-12’s we needed to know just how good it was. Could it really be the best thing to happen to car audio for years? The reputation that it was gathering was immense and everybody must have thought "can it actually be THAT good?!". Well we have been finding out.

Audio Assault have been putting alot of time and effort into testing the SNG Audio JT-12 Subwoofer over the last 4 weeks and have changed many variables including the box, the amp amd the head unit.  None of which made much difference to the overall conclusion… WHAT A CRACKING SUBWOOFER!

The SNG JT-12 is rated at 800w RMS and has two 4ohm Voice Coils. Running one subwoofer means that you will need an amp to run at 2ohms, running two is perfect for amps capable of running at 1ohm.

We set the rig up on the test car and popped the SNG into a box we had lying around (click me for video). We ran it at 2ohms from a Hifonics BXI-1206D. This amplifier would give it 900w RMS - 100w RMS more than suggested. Early tests were good. It took all the Hifonics could give, even when we tried sending it a highly clipped signal! The box was too small but you couldnt tell too much in listening (or so we thought until we changed the box). We then had a custom box built which was much larger than the original 1.8cu-ft box. This one was 2.5cu-ft - tuned to 35hz. BOY did it make a difference. This subwoofer came out and sounded simply stunning. It was very musical aswell, hitting all the notes even playing the kind of music our grandma’s listens to!

The next challenge was a power test! This one was going to be interesting.  We swapped the amps over for the newer and large Hifonics BXI-1608D. This one gave it 1100w RMS.. It took every last bit of it as expected. The extra power didnt make too much difference to the output but you could certainly tell. Again, we gave it an extremely clipped signal and wacked the gain on high to see how much it could take… again, no problems.

The final test was a US Amps MD3D, an outstanding amp! Could it take the power? Of course! We were wrong to ever doubt it!

As a daily driver, this was simply outstanding! Pure streetbass bred with SQ, it could do both very well. My ears are still ringing now!


April 23rd, 2009
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Orion 2009 range out soon! The Rebirth of an icon!

Being an Orion Car Audio registered dealer makes Audio Assault proud. Orion are one of the best SPL car audio brands around and are taken seriously from every corner of the world.

When people see the Orion Logo it signifies hardcore attitude. This attitude is stamped into every item in the Orion Range of Car Audio, Car Subwoofers, Car Amplifiers and Car Speakers. Every person who knows thier Car Audio all agree that Orion offer the baddest options for creating serious amounts of bass.

Every Orion amp, sub and speaker is designed from the ground up by audio engineers and product specialists dedicated to the heritage, attitude and raw hardcore power of Orion. Never anything “off the shelf” – only off-the-hook outrageous performance from carefully designed and engineered components, manufactured from pure metals and mil-spec components to exacting specifications. The 2009 Orion Car Audio lineup proudly pulls forward the Orion legacy, standing up once again as the best and the strongest, in a market overflowing with copy cats and wanna-be’s. These new Orion products represent the best of the best!

Born in the 1980s in the dawn of the mobile audio revolution, Orion High Current Competition Amplifiers (HCCA) put the industry and the competition
world on notice that Orion was a force to be reckoned with. HCCA gear is what you have to have to be the LOUDEST, the LOWEST, and the STRONGEST system in the joint, with serious amounts of power driving ridiculously low impedances at completely sick output levels. Whether you’re looking for an SPL world record or you just want to do some serious damage on the streets, these four HCCA amplifiers will ensure they hear you before they see you. Hellacious power intersects with extreme efficiency under rugged die-cast aluminum covers with old-school Orion badges that tell the world that HCCA rules!

The 2009 Orion HCCA Subwoofers are the biggest, baddest and most hardcore subwoofers Orion has ever made! Step up to premium 3000- watt peak SPL performance with these frighteningly powerful redesigned new red-and-black HCCA 10s, and 4000-watt peak SPL performance with the new HCCA 12” and 15” subwoofers from Orion, a world leader in competition lane mayhem for 25 years. Match them with new HCCA Amplifiers and Components that sound as awesome as they look and you’re ready to clear the decks!


April 21st, 2009
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Mutant review range and add new “serious” lines

We all know about the reputation that Mutant has. Its not rubbish stuff by no means but it struggles to be taken seriously sometimes when compared to some of the big boys of Car Audio & Entertainment. This lead the chaps at Mutant Audio to put some effort into trying to push their brand as far as possible using the same technology and the same budget. The result is astounding!

New for 2009 are a few lines in the Mutant Portfolio. First we have the new Mutant Conquest Subwoofers. These are designed to fight back against the big boys with style and substance. With an UNDER-rated 400w RMS, Mutant have gone in a different direction to the likes of Vibe who consistantly OVER-rate their products power handling. These are due in for testing soon and look impressive indeed.

Next on the list is the new Engage subs. Mutant still see a market for cheaper subwoofers so these are perfect for a budget buy. Good bang per buck.

Then we have the new range of amplifiers. Mutant Ascension. Good value, Great performance.

Mutant have worked hard on the latest wave of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers and you can tell. All have good finishes and more importantly… Perform more than you would imagine

April 17th, 2009
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Kicker Pound into 2009 with new Classic range

Solo Classic takes a page straight outta KICKER legend, and ushers it into the future…

“All the bass. Half the space.” That’s how we billed it nearly 20 years ago when the Solo-Baric Subwoofer ruled the roadways. The concept was breakthrough – a subwoofer that actually worked as two woofers in an isobaric enclosure, therefore using a box nearly half the size of those for conventional woofers. Genuine, deep, loud… it was the real deal, without sacrificing storage space.

In 2009, the Solo Classic Subwoofer provides the deepest, most musical bass from the smallest areas, at the same time promoting valuable storage space in a vehicle. It is designed to be used solely with small, sealed enclosures and generates the most pressure allowable.

The Solo Classic takes its place among KICKER’s family of potent round subwoofers, borrowing the latest technology cues from its siblings while remaining true to its roots in utilizing a tiny enclosure. Its recommended sealed-enclosure designs provide the absolute lowest, smoothest response with increased energy at rock-bottom frequencies.

The Solo Classic’s detailed, accurate bass is a result of extreme air pressure from a small sealed box, just like its predecessor way back when. However, these days, the Solo Classic uses resilient SoloKon™ and high-temp, dual voice coils to withstand massive excursion and create punishing bass. Other recent lab developments include the T-cut top plate, polyimide voice-coil former, ventless solid-pole design, and Spiralead™ tinsel leads that result in supreme reliability. Stitched surround, stamped-steel basket, and spring-loaded terminals remain KICKER standards on the subwoofer checklist.

8" Version

10" Version

12" Version

15" Version

March 19th, 2009
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Hifonics 2009 Range now available in the UK!

We all know that Hifonics provide some of the best subwoofer amplifiers that you can get, even at cracking prices. Exciting news came over last night of the new 2009 range which is to hit the UK this week. The Brutus amplifiers have now moved onto the 10th re-design, showing that Hifonics are constantly trying to improve their already great designs.

The main products in action will be the Monoblock amplifiers such as the Hifonics BXI-1210 which has replaced the best selling Hifonics BXI-1206 and the Hifonics BXI-2610 which is the all singing all dancing 2600w RMS mono amplifier.

Other additions are the new Olympus range of subwoofers to replace the Goliath subwoofers currently on sale in the UK and a new range of accessories which include OEM intigration kits and very well priced EQ’s.

For a sneak peak at the catalogue click here.

Hifonics Brutus Mono-Amp Specs;

BXI 1210D
Super D-Class
1 x 450 W @ 4 Ω
1 x 900 W @ 2 Ω
1 x 1200 W @ 1 Ω
11.42" x 2.52" x 9.45"


BXI 1610D
Super D-Class
1 x 550 W @ 4 Ω
1 x 1100 W @ 2 Ω
1 x 1600 W @ 1 Ω
14.17" x 2.52" x 9.45"


BXI 2010D
Super D-Class
1 x 650 W @ 4 ½
1 x 1300 W @ 2 ½
1 x 2000 W @ 1 ½
14.97" x 2.52" x 9.45"


BXI 2610D
Super D-Class
1 x 850 W @ 4 Ω
1 x 1700 W @ 2 Ω
1 x 2600 W @ 1 Ω
17.72" x 2.52" x 9.45"

March 12th, 2009
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Audio Assault to increase their range of Bass Factory car audio boxes

We are well known around the UK for our custom made subwoofer boxes courtesy of bass Factory in Birmingham. If our customers have a certain subwoofer and need a custom designed and made box then we are the specialists. You may only have a certain size boot? Possibly your boot isnt very wide but is nice and deep. This is where we come into our prime. We can design car audio boxes for all needs. Whether you have a huge Rockford Fosgate subwoofer or an even bigger RE Audio subwoofer, maybe you might have a JBL, Earthquake, Fusion or SNG Audio, it matters not. We take the spec of the subwoofer and design a box to suit your needs.

We have taken this onto the next step and have designed pre-built boxes specific to certain subwoofers. Our first product line will be the Bass Factory JW12P, dedicated specifically to the JL Audio W7 12" subwoofer. Using 1" thick MDF (which can be upgraded to Birch Ply if needed) and a 1.75 cu-ft enclosure, it provides the perfect working conditions for the subwoofer to thrive.

We will be expanding on the range of brand specific car audio boxes to include boxes designed for the likes of MTX, Rockford Fosgate, RE Audio, JL Audio, Earthquake, Lanzar Opti, Focal, Hifonics and much more!

March 3rd, 2009
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New Range of RE Audio Slim Line Subs!

It seems that recent trends for subwoofer brands is to produce a "slim" woofer. RE Audio are no exception here. JL Audio have done it, DLS have done it, who hasnt?! What makes the RE Slim Woofers stand out?

RE Audio have a reputation around the world for building amongst the best subwoofers that money can buy. They are much loved and respected in the Car Audio scene by pretty much everybody.

Here we have the new RE Audio SL Series;

It will be built in both 10" and 12" models with the following specification;


Product Dimension

Mounting Depth - 3"
Mounting Hole Diameter - 9.375"
Overall Diameter - 11"
Bolt Hole Circle - 10.125"
Motor Width - 4"
Motor Depth - 0.12"
Basket Depth - 3"
Displacement - 0.09 cu. ft.
Weight - 14.5 lbs.


Mounting Depth - 3.5"
Mounting Hole Diameter - 11"
Overall Diameter - 13"
Bolt Hole Circle - 11.75"
Motor Width - 4"
Motor Depth - 0.12"
Basket Depth - 3.5"
Displacement - 0.10 cu. ft.
Weight - 15.5 lbs.


T/S Parameters

Electrical Q Value -Qes: 0.49
Mechanical Q Value -Qms: 3.63
Total Speaker Q Value -Qts: 0.43
Free Air Resonance -Fs: 36.0 Hz
Equivalent Compliance -Vas: 21 liters
One-Way, Linear Excursion -Xmax: 16 mm
Efficiency -SPL 1W/1m: 85.2 dB SPL
Effective Piston Area -Sd: 330 cm^2
DC Resistance -Re: 3.5 ohm
Nominal Impedance -Znom: Dual 4 ohm
Thermal Power Handling -Pe: 350 W
Force Factor -Bl: 21.61


Electrical Q Value -Qes: 0.56
Mechanical Q Value -Qms: 3.69
Total Speaker Q Value -Qts: 0.48
Free Air Resonance -Fs: 32.0 Hz
Equivalent Compliance -Vas: 51 liters
One-Way, Linear Excursion -Xmax: 16 mm
Efficiency -SPL 1W/1m: 86.8 dB SPL
Effective Piston Area -Sd: 470 cm^2
DC Resistance -Re: 3.5 ohm
Nominal Impedance -Znom: Dual 4 ohm
Thermal Power Handling -Pe: 350 W
Force Factor -Bl: 19.53


RE Audio recommend that you run the 10" from a 0.5cu-ft sealed box or a 1 cu-ft ported box tuned to 35Hz. They suggest that the 12" version be used in a 0.74 cu-ft sealed box or a 1.5 cu-ft ported box, tuned again to 35Hz.


Big plans are also afoot to release their own range of amplifiers, something that is very exciting for Audio Assault.


Keep tuned for more info!

February 5th, 2009
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New Line of Rockford Fosgate Products - Prime has arrived!

Audio Assault are very proud to offer our customers, a NEW promo line from Rockford Fosgate.

New Prime Amps/Amplifiers, New Prime Speakers and New Prime Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures.

Prime amplifiers offer legendary Rockford class A/B amplification in mono, 2 channel & 4 channel configurations with power output up to 500 watts (RMS). No skimping here the R500-1 also features on-board Punch Bass with remote level control so users can dial in just the right amount of PUNCH for their listening flavour. All Prime amplifiers feature Rockford’s exclusive POWER (Power Output Without Excessive Regulation) supply/output design to insure true rated output power at all levels.

2 – Channel amplifier
50 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4-Ohms
75 Watts RMS x 2 @ 2-Ohms
150 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4-Ohms Bridged/Mono
H 2.40’’ x W 7.67’’ x L 11.54’’

4 – Channel amplifier
50 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4-Ohms
75 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2-Ohms
150 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4-Ohms Bridged/Mono
H 2.40’’ x W 7.67’’ x L 17.09’’

Mono Amplifier,
320 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4-Ohms
500 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2-Ohms
H2.40’’ x W 7.67’’ x L 16.65’’

Loudspeakers are the voice of any premium system and the new Prime coaxial loudspeakers from Rockford Fosgate speak volumes about how a high-end system should sound. Available in 5.25”, 6.5” and 6×9” configurations, all loudspeakers feature Mica injected polypropylene cones an 18 AWG stamped steel frame for superior stability and a 13mm Mylar balanced dome tweeter. Prime loudspeakers are the perfect upgrade to any factory system and are optimised to work as a system with Prime amplifiers.

2-Way Full-Range
5.25" Diameter
53Hz - 22kHz frequency response
35 Watts RMS
70 Watts Max

3-Way Full-Range
6.5" Diameter
48Hz - 22kHz frequency response
40 Watts RMS
80 Watts Max

3-Way Full-Range
48Hz - 22kHz frequency response
60 Watts RMS
120 watts Max

Prime Loaded subwoofers featuring perfectly matched woofer and enclosures that break new ground in construction, sound and value. A compact sealed design, Prime Loaded is available in single and dual configurations for both 10” and 12” woofers, both feature 150 watt RMS/300 watt peak handling power, parabolic polypropylene cones and a stamped steel frame.

Single Prime 10" Loaded Enclosure
150 Watts RMS
300 Watts Max
Sealed 5/8" MDF
H 12" x W 15.825" x D 12.25"

Single Prime 12" Loaded Enclosure
150 Watts RMS
300 Watts Max
Sealed 5/8" MDF
H 14" x W 17.5" x D 12.25" 

Dual Prime 12" Loaded Enclosure
300 Watts RMS
600 Watts Max
Sealed 5/8" MDF
H 14" x W 33.75" x D 12.25" 


February 4th, 2009
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