New Line of Rockford Fosgate Products - Prime has arrived!

Audio Assault are very proud to offer our customers, a NEW promo line from Rockford Fosgate.

New Prime Amps/Amplifiers, New Prime Speakers and New Prime Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures.

Prime amplifiers offer legendary Rockford class A/B amplification in mono, 2 channel & 4 channel configurations with power output up to 500 watts (RMS). No skimping here the R500-1 also features on-board Punch Bass with remote level control so users can dial in just the right amount of PUNCH for their listening flavour. All Prime amplifiers feature Rockford’s exclusive POWER (Power Output Without Excessive Regulation) supply/output design to insure true rated output power at all levels.

2 – Channel amplifier
50 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4-Ohms
75 Watts RMS x 2 @ 2-Ohms
150 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4-Ohms Bridged/Mono
H 2.40’’ x W 7.67’’ x L 11.54’’

4 – Channel amplifier
50 Watts RMS x 4 @ 4-Ohms
75 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2-Ohms
150 Watts RMS x 2 @ 4-Ohms Bridged/Mono
H 2.40’’ x W 7.67’’ x L 17.09’’

Mono Amplifier,
320 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4-Ohms
500 Watts RMS x 4 @ 2-Ohms
H2.40’’ x W 7.67’’ x L 16.65’’

Loudspeakers are the voice of any premium system and the new Prime coaxial loudspeakers from Rockford Fosgate speak volumes about how a high-end system should sound. Available in 5.25”, 6.5” and 6×9” configurations, all loudspeakers feature Mica injected polypropylene cones an 18 AWG stamped steel frame for superior stability and a 13mm Mylar balanced dome tweeter. Prime loudspeakers are the perfect upgrade to any factory system and are optimised to work as a system with Prime amplifiers.

2-Way Full-Range
5.25" Diameter
53Hz - 22kHz frequency response
35 Watts RMS
70 Watts Max

3-Way Full-Range
6.5" Diameter
48Hz - 22kHz frequency response
40 Watts RMS
80 Watts Max

3-Way Full-Range
48Hz - 22kHz frequency response
60 Watts RMS
120 watts Max

Prime Loaded subwoofers featuring perfectly matched woofer and enclosures that break new ground in construction, sound and value. A compact sealed design, Prime Loaded is available in single and dual configurations for both 10” and 12” woofers, both feature 150 watt RMS/300 watt peak handling power, parabolic polypropylene cones and a stamped steel frame.

Single Prime 10" Loaded Enclosure
150 Watts RMS
300 Watts Max
Sealed 5/8" MDF
H 12" x W 15.825" x D 12.25"

Single Prime 12" Loaded Enclosure
150 Watts RMS
300 Watts Max
Sealed 5/8" MDF
H 14" x W 17.5" x D 12.25" 

Dual Prime 12" Loaded Enclosure
300 Watts RMS
600 Watts Max
Sealed 5/8" MDF
H 14" x W 33.75" x D 12.25" 


February 4th, 2009
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6×9 Car Speakers

There are a few things you should consider before deciding what 6×9 speakers you need. Firstly, where do you want the speakers mounting, in the front or back of the car, in a built in console? Do you want to display them or hide them? What type of audio do you want to achieve from them (there are more than you think) are the speakers to replace other factory speakers or are they to complement other components? And do you need them amplifying? As you can see from a few sample questions there can be a lot of thought required before purchasing the correct speakers for you.

Hopefully i can provide a little information that will help you make a decision.

First of all and probably the most important, where are you going to mount them. 6×9 speakers are an odd size that very few vehicles cater for. This means you will have do a little more work to install them. Either cutting into a parcel shelf (which i wouldn’t recommend, unless you like the untidy look?) or boxing them and building a surround. This is usually done in the boot but is some 6×9 can be added under seat or hidden in consoles. Which in my opinion is the better option as installing them in the boot reduces the sound (which is the reason you want them right?)

What Audio do you want from them?

6×9 speakers are good at producing mid range sounds, this is why many people use them in conjunction with subwoofers and tweeters. Most 6×9 car speakers are capable of producing a decent amount of bass, and can achieve quite high frequencies as well, so there often used to bride a gap between Subs and Tweeters to stop the mid frequencies being drowned out.

Are the Speakers replacing any other car speakers?

Well the chances are that your car will not have 6×9 speakers, but this does not mean you can’t install them. Often a amplifier is needed to power them, however you can wire straight from the speaker out sockets on the stereo. If you wire from the stereo it’s likely that the 6×9 speakers will be under powered, and the performance of the speakers will be compromised.

How much do I need to spend on them?

Prices on 6×9 speakers vary depending on the quality. Prices start a around £30 and can go right up to £250 or more for a good pair. Although you can pick up a decent set for £60 that will be sufficient in most good audio installs.

In conclusion, 6×9 car speakers are beneficial if you want a boost to your audio system or to complete a component set. If you’re looking for a small boost you should be looking to spend in the region of £25-£40 but if you have a good quality SQ install don’t be cheap and go for a £250 or more set, pair with a good amp and you’ll be laughing.

More information on 6×9 speakers and car speakers is available from Audio Assault

October 27th, 2008
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