Fusion Subwoofers

Fusion Subwoofers

are amongst the few car audio products that high street shoppers recognize as being reputable. The main reason for this is the incredible way that Fusion attacked the UK market with their strange marketing campaign. The thing is with marketing, it doesn’t matter how strange or outrageous your campaign is, it simply has to be memorable!


Fusion came onto the scene with a huge bang by throwing in 30,000 free blow up green aliens in the Christmas edition of the Fast Car magazine back in 1998. This worked so well that within weeks everybody who was anybody in the modified car scene had one blown up on their backseat wherever they went. Fusion were obviously delighted so decided to offer 30,000 more free blow up aliens, this time to the Max Power magazine. Fusion Subwoofers were really about to gain the reputation that got them where they are today.


Before long, orders were flying in for Fusion as they grew larger by the week. Within one year, they had a dealer in every city in the UK. Things couldn’t have worked out better for them.


Now that Fusion had the attention of its customer base, it was time to redevelop the products and ranges to improve on price and quality. They introduced even more Fusion Subwoofers in the form of bass packs and active amplified Fusion subwoofers. They called this the “Encounter” range.


About this time, Halford’s wanted to get involved. They realized the potential of the brand and decided to get on board. This provided customers the opportunity to get hold of Fusion Subwoofers easier than ever before. A few years later the internet shopping craze arrived, pioneered by Car Audio Plus (being one of the very first car audio retailers). This made it even easier still for customers to purchase Fusion products.


In the last few years Fusion went into a black hole and were largely unnoticed but now they are back and bigger than before. Car Audio Plus again is the place to go and the prices of the Fusion Subwoofers are outstanding.


The ranges have changed and holding up the entire range of products is the new and improved Encounter range, this is the budget range for people who simply want a little bit more bass for their car. Next is the middle of the range “Reactor” range. This provides a large power increase over the Encounter range but is slightly more expensive. Top of the list is the “Powerplant” range, these Fusion Subwoofers really are something to be in awe of. The Powerplant subs are extremely powerful and handle the power very well. Prices obviously increase over the Reactor range but the performance increase completely outweighs the price increase. These Powerplant subwoofers look like they have made their name for themselves already and their reputation is growing fast.


Fusion plan on another large marketing campaign within Fastcar and Max Power once again so you might see some blow up aliens back where they belong, on the back seat of modified cars! This time they might even be glow in the dark!


December 3rd, 2009
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