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Here at AA we believe that you should get the best for your money. It would be tragic if you ordered a subwoofer, an amplifier, a head unit or some speakers and decided you didn’t like them when you got them home. Thats why we have teamed up with Fast Car to get you the best reviews around from experts.

If your looking for an amazing value head unit that packs more tricks than Paul Daniels riding a performing seal, then this baby is for you. Boasting a 3-inch touchscreen TFT LCD display with a bluetooth hands free phone kit, the T1-8400 will give DVD/USB/SD/MMC file playback aswell as MP3 files, too. So basically once fitted you can make and receive calls whilst driving. This clever little unit also plays audio from your phone… Who needs an iPod?! T1 Audio T1-8400 - 5/5

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This slick looking head unit has no CD drive, so its been specifically built for compressed music lovers. There’s a USB cable and iPod adapter included, so if your armed with an iPod or USB memory stick, then this baby is Plug ‘N’ Play! The IDA-X303 is also designed to work with the iPhone 3G, allowing you to access your iTunes Library on the move and charge your phone at the same time. Nice. The built in 4×45w amp will get your speakers pumping and there’s 2x 2V pre-outs and a dedicated 2V sub-out allowing you to build a proper system. The 2.2" display is dead easy to read and the 2 text lines bring up the iPods ID3 tag information. Searching through iPod playlists, songs and albums is all super quick and the central rotary controller looks bang-on. So if your into compressed music then this Digital Media Receiver is a good choice! Alpine IDA-X303 - 5/5

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This fantastic looking unit is crammed full of features, including an integrated Parrot Bluetooth module thats capable of auto-syncing with your phonebook and will allow you to make and receive calls on the move. As well as this, the unit will display your text messages but this can be turned off though, handy if your bit on the side is asking where her bra is. Of course, this Kenwood stunner comes with an iPod direct cable, so you can hook up your iPod and run it through your head unit. Sweet. Kenwood KDC-BT8041U - 5/5

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January 30th, 2009
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SNG Audio - Cracking subwoofer!

Nowadays Car Audio & Entertainment products are everywhere! Anyone who thinks they can create a bit of bass wants to try their hand in it. The result is a market full of complete and utter crap. Amongst the waste however, is a gem! Here is the latest wave in ultimate SQL (Not quite SPL but not quite SQ, bordering on both Sound Pressure Level and Sound Quality and doing both equally as good as any woofer for any price).

SNG Audio is here and its hitting off with a big boom!

Before we start, we need to save you from the panic of seeing the price later. These subwoofers are retailing for £99!!!!! Not £300 as you would expect, £99!

Born out of the need for a revolution in Car Audio, the SNG Audio designers and engineers overcame many challenges to offer you extraordinary performance, supreme reliability and serious audiophile quality sound.

The SNG Audio JT-12 is the first street subwoofer to be released from SNG and we know for a fact that it is simply untouchable in its class (and price range. Infact, if you double the price you will find nothing to touch it!) SNG were fed up of hearing about "low frequency moster subs", they wanted to show the world that there is more to bass than 32Hz. "Do these people forget that theres a whole load of bass at the upper frequency end too?" SNG say.

They wanted a subwoofer that could handle the lows as good as any but also delved into the realms of accurate bass at all frequencies. The JT-12 was born! With 23mm Xmax at its disposal it can definately hit all the lows but also blends the gap between the rest of your sound system very easily.

To add even more flame to the fire, SNG are offering any colour powder coating onto the basket for only £10! This could mean that you have one of the sexiest pieces of car audio custom coloured to suit your needs!

Here is a small video of how tight the bass can be (from the prototype model)


As you can see from the following image, these subwoofers look the part with the sexy push terminals and wonderfully designed basket!


Check out the woven cone, looks very nice!


Here you can see the spider and flat tinsel leads along with the back of the cone.




Kevlar reinforced woven cone:   Yes you read correctly. We used kevlar (the bulletproof stuff) to help give the cone strength and reduce flexing under extreme use. The dustcap is woven to give the cone more stiffness while being light. We also found it was less prone to cracking when something hit it than the inverted dustcap other manufacturers use. Lets face it, its going to be in your boot with other things that could hit it -the less fragile the better right?

Flat tinsel leads: We use flat tinsel leads as they dissipate heat better than regular tinsel leads due to the increased cooling area. The leads are also stuck to the spider to eliminate tinsel lead slap.

Easy connect connectors: The connectors are a patented high grip push terminal that securely holds the wire in place, eliminating the need for an allen key. We also placed all four terminals on one side of the speaker so wiring in parallel/series is easier than ever! no need to trail the cable around the speaker!

Aluminium trim ring: The trim ring adds to the "wow factor" once the speaker is installed. It is made from highly polished aluminium that gives the installed speaker a touch of class.

3" Kapton coated voice coil: The kapton helps draw heat out of the coils so you can keep playing for longer.

Why Dual 4: We chose dual 4ohm coils because it allows a greater choice of amplifier; if running one speaker there are a whole host of amplifiers that deliver 700-1000w @ 2ohm. If running two speakers, likewise there are plenty of amps which deliver 1500-1800w @ 1ohm.

Box: The JT-12 is designed to perform equally well in sealed or vented enclosures. For tight very accurate bass, use a sealed box (1-1.5 cuft). If you prefer louder fuller bass use a ported box (2.5 cuft @ 33hz)

January 29th, 2009
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The Car Audio and Modified car Scene

The Buzz around Car Audio this year is phenominal, The scene is steadily growing at a rate not seen since the 90’s. The modified car and car audio shows like donny north and ISTS are becoming very popular again and new blood is being introduced into the "Modded" scene.

Unfortunately the scene had taken a down turn in recent times due to the bad reputation forced upon it by groups of outsiders including the police. Some of this criticism aimed at the scene was justified, as the actions of a minority were causing problems for locals within they’re particular area. However these actions were frowned upon by majority of people interested in the modified car and car audio scene who them selves were 100% law abiding.

Car Audio is now on the up, and this is evident by the number of audio brands available and fighting for custom. Several new brands are being introduced into the UK every year and the majority of them are very good quality. The problem with these brands is that they’re reputation hasn’t yet been earned (in the UK). This is a problem as alot of these brands are extremely high quality and offer much better value for money than some brands that are already known and selling well.

The Perfect example of this, is two of the latest brands to enter the UK; RE Audio (Resonant Engineering Audio) and Digital Designs. Both coming with a massive reputation abroad and have many awards between them. RE Audio is definitely our favourite brand at the minute. The Quality of the RE products is second to none in both SPL (sound pressure) and SQ (Sound Quality) with a price tag to match.

RE Audio and US Amps (the same company) produce a full range of high quality speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers that will out perform the vast majority of products on the market.  It wont be long before they are a real player in the car audio market. Make sure you get involved with RE, you heard it here first 

January 27th, 2009
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Car DVD Stereos, A Little Help

Car DVD players are the latest craze in car audio and car entertainment products. In car entertainment has changed over the past 10 years and one area that has increased the most is the development of Car DVD Players. These are now one of the most popular devices for the modified car enthusiast many reasons, mainly the fact that 1,000’s of tracks can be added to one DVD disc completely removing the need for your whole album collection to be stored in your motor.

The Other more desirable feature of the modern Car DVD players is the ability to play DVD movies on the screen (and any other screens connected into the system). Most new DVD Stereos are fitted with either a 3" small screen on the front (single Din), a retractable 7" flip out screen (single Din) or a Double Din 7" screen constantly on show. Choosing the best DVD stereo for you would depend on the size of the Din Space available in the car and possibly  whether a fascia adapter needed to install (and whether you intend to show off?).

The pros and cons of having a single din 3" screen DVD player.

The Main advantage of having a small screen Car DVD player is that the majority of vehicles are equipped with single Din fitments. Basically the factory fitted radio is already 1 Din in size. The unit will fit snug into the console of your vehicle and with a fascia (may not be needed) the install will look smooth and professional. The only major negative is that the screen is difficult to see if you intend to view movies on it.

The pros and cons of the 7" flip screen Car DVD Player.

The Flip out screen option is usually the most popular type of Aftermarket DVD stereo. With this you get the best of both worlds. The Screen is large and retractable which will fold back within the body of the stereo unit. These are also 1 Din in size so will be compatible the majority of vehicle fitments. However the only negative with these units is that when down, the screen extends from the unit and intrudes slightly from the console (meaning you lose the sleek install)

The Pros and cons of the Double Din Car DVD Player.

In my opinion the Double Din DVD stereos are the most attractive headunits on the market today. They provide an excellent screen size to watch all DVD movies and also sit flush to the console, making the install look much more professional. Often these units also have greater processing power and more advanced anti-skip features as there is more space available within the unit for the designers to work with. One of the only down sides is that the screen is always visible and can sometimes be over bearing and can potentially increase the chances of theft.     

January 26th, 2009
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