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Digital Designs Z95 Series DDZ9518 18" Subwoofer

18" Digital Designs Z95-Series 2000w RMS Subwoofer

Digital Designs Z95 Series DDZ9518 18" Subwoofer Free Shipping on This Item

Item No: DDZ9518

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£2,299.99 £1,787.20


DIGITAL DESIGNS introduced the unique Z Motor design to the market in 2005. This innovative motor structure set new standards for high-end, high-power speaker design resulting in the numerous DD Z woofer copies hitting the market. DD woofers continue to be the blueprint for state-of-the-art speakers as we push for higher and higher performance. We have a passion for performance which forces us to scrutinize every facet of design and every material used in the construction. We look for ways to make new levels of performance available to more and more people. These new Series of Z woofers bring Z Motor technology within reach of every enthusiast.


The heart of the Z motor technology is the concentrated focus of the magnetic array lenses. Rare earth magnets are arrayed and focused to achieve the highest levels of flux possible in order to provide brutally strong magnetic fields for the voice coil to interact. These motors are nearly twice as strong as our largest strontium ferrite motors while taking less space and half the mass. It takes nearly 30 parts to build a focused array rather than around half a dozen to build a ferrite motor; the system is far more complex resulting in much higher energy being delivered to the magnetic gap; twice the energy and half the size.


The Z Motor design was also highly influenced by optimal cooling. As efficient as the Z structure is, most of the power in audio transducers produces heat. We spent over 10 years working on the Z Motor project to optimize both magnetic energy and heat dissipation. Our work on the Free Flow Cooling System has been copied far and wide as we continue to engineer higher heat flow from the coil to the surrounding air. The Z Motor adds more gap cooling as well as continuous outflow of heat from above and below the gap. There simply is no trapped heat in the motor to continually raise the coil temperatures. The harder a Z motor is worked, the higher the volume of air is pumped through and around the voice coil. Short of running square waves or DC current though the coil, it is quite difficult to attain 500 degree plus working coil temperatures in a Z Motor.


The Z95 is based on the moving parts from our current 9500 Series coupled to a motor based on the above Z motor structure. The result is even more dramatic energy delivery than the legendary 95 Series, already known for its high strength to low moving mass ratios. The Z95 elevates these ratios, impacts are even more brutal as the ability to track signals is enhanced by higher magnetic strength. Long term heat dissipation is increased by the open architecture motor which lets you push harder for longer periods.


All the great features of the 95s are present here, the heat sink coil designs with double radiators, direct connect wiring, laminated tinsel leads, EROM surrounds, Synthetic Blend cones, multi-layer suspensions and precision hand assembly.


Endless options exist with our hand built, composite cones, composite dust caps, wide ranging coil impedances and suspension stiffness options.


The Z95 might be the ultimate upgrade for the worlds most versatile high performance speaker; the 9500 Series


  • Cool Stonehenge-like motor
  • Rare earth magnetic lens array
  • Open flow heat dissipation
  • 3” diameter voice coils
  • Multi-layer suspensions
  • Optional composite dust caps
  • Optional composite cones
  • Makes people like you more
  • Available in Dual 0.5, Dual 1.0, Dual 1.5, Dual 2 and Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coils - All special order
  • Suspension - 80mm
  • 2000w RMS

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